Makeup FX

Skin Peel and Bruise Makeup FX

Hello, everyone! Today, as you can see, I’ll be doing another makeup FX tutorial. Let’s get started!


For this FX wound, I used liquid latex. I bought it online for less than $10, and I’ll post the link soon. It’s AMAZING…. latex can be used for SO MUCH.

I also used green, purple and black eyeshadow, blush, fake skin (made from petroleum jelly and flour), foundation powder, a variety of makeup brushes, and, my favorite, fake blood!

I started out by applying some foundation powder to where I was doing the wound. IN my case, my arm.


Next, I began making an FX bruise, which you create by rubbing the blush, as well as the black, green and purple eyeshadow to the skin.



After I made the swelling, I added a small circle of latex.


While this is drying (when it’s dry it will be clear) we’ll move onto the next step.

I add fake skin in the shape of a small gash (like an oval with sharp points on two sides.IMG_1335.jpgPush the ends down so they blend with your skin.


I then added blood, and the next step was with the latex. I took one end, and pulled it from my skin like this:



I added blood and more blush, and then decided to put more fake skin around the side of the skin peel.


Here’s the finished result!


Wanna use it on Halloween? Prank your friends? Make an AWESOME MOVIE?

Go ahead! What are you waiting for? You can probably use a piece of a balloon if you don’t have latex.

Make sure to like, and comment what you thought of this tutorial! And a big thanks to my cousin Abigail ( for taking the pictures!






My Top 10 Disney Cartoons


10.  The Lion King

the lion king.png

What says ‘classic’ more than The Lion King? I just love this movie (and the other… how many more movies are there?). It has the perfect amount of drama, romance, and comedy for the whole family to enjoy, in one cartoon movie.


9. The Fox and the Hound

the fox and the hound

The Fox and the Hound is the most adorable movie ever. It’s amazing to watch the growing friendship between two unexpected friends (a hunting dog and a fox), and to see how things change as they grow older and are forced to face the reality of the situation. It’s really a clash inside of the heart of the hound (Copper), between doing what he feels is right, and what he’s told by his owner.


8. Pocahontas


Pocahontas is an amazing movie that expresses so many emotions inside of the viewer. Love, friendship, loyalty, and a sense of freedom. It’s a beautiful film, and I think Disney did a great job with the characters. I especially love Pocahontas’s dress… I just love it!


7. Hercules


Hercules is the kind of movie where you feel a strong connection with the protagonist- Hercules. You feel like you’re accomplishing his goals, and you feel proud with every feat he is able to pull off. It’s a wonderful movie, and every time I watch it I feel the same way I did the last time I watched it- so the feeling never really dies.


6. Mulan


It was SO HARD to put Mulan as fifth, because I so badly wanted to put this movie as 1st! But some others got a bit ahead of her, so…. whatever. 😦

Mulan is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. Mulan is my favorite Disney princess by far, because- in my opinion- she’s one of the few that actually does something to find her ‘happily ever after’, which, for Mulan, really happens after the second movie. In this movie, Mulan takes her father’s place in the army against the Huns, and disguises as a boy in order to do so. It’s funny, romantic, and just so awesome!!!


5. Robin Hood

Robin Hood

From the beginning, I knew I HAD to get Robin Hood somewhere on the list. It’s such a great movie- and I just love the twist on the usual Robin Hood stories and such (they’re all animals!). It’s an amazing story of Robin Hood and his allies stopping the tyranny of the king, who is, of course, a lion.


4. Aladdin


Aladdin shows you a ‘whole new world’. It’s a magical movie, with forbidden romance, a hilarious genie, an evil villain (what Disney movie doesn’t have one- or any movie for that matter?). I could watch this over and over, and I probably wouldn’t get bored until about the eighteenth time! (That’s pretty good, folks).


3. The Little Mermaid

the little mermaid.png

Ariel (the little mermaid) has something in her that anyone can relate with. Curiosity, big dreams…. and it’s amazing to see another point of view on humans. It shows that if we looked from a new perspective, maybe we’d see things we never saw before.


2. Bambi


I don’t care if I’m 2 or 90, I will ALWAYS love Bambi. It is the sweetest, most heartwarming Disney movie I can think of, and I love it SO MUCH.


1. The Lady and the Tramp

lady and the tramp

And here we are, folks. Lady and the Tramp! I love romance, and what’s cuter between romance between two dogs? It’s adorable, and It’s great for the whole family to enjoy.


Thanks for reading, guys, and make sure to like and comment your favorite Disney movie! Bye for now!












Special FX Makeup: A medium-sized cut

Hey everyone! I apologize for my lack of posting recently; I’ve been on a sort of ‘learning spree.’ I’ve begun teaching myself makeup fx and prop making (with some help from youtube, of course) and today I’ve come to teach you!

CAUTION: Don’t put too close to your eyes… unless you have experience. When beginning, you have to learn HOW to use this technique… and soon you can choose WHERE to do it.

CAUTION #2: These pictures are horrible. I used the webcam of my Grandma’s computer (I’m at her house right now), so yeah… it wasn’t really meant for photography.

I’m going to be showing you how to make a medium-sized cut! This is what you’ll need:


Skin wax. You can buy it at the store or online, but I made mine using flour, a tiny bit of water, and petrolium jelly. Mix these things until it looks like mine:)


Fake blood. I made mine with corn starch, water, red food dye, and (this is weird, but it works) soy sauce. You don’t need soy sauce, but it will give it a more blood-like feel and look.


Someone to put it on! I’ll be doing it on myself, but it’s much easier (in my opionion) to do it on someone else.


To start out, make a small oval shape of it on your (or your model’s) skin. Don’t be worried if it feels to sticky to apply; just get some flour on your hands or use something else to apply it.


After you’ve made the shape, blend the sides onto your/your helper’s skin so it looks like it’s part of the real skin.


Lastly, put in the blood! This is quite simple, and you could always change it to fit what you want. I’ve added different colors to make it look infected, made it run out, added a bruise.. it all depends on what you envision. Mine didn’t work out like I wanted it to; usually I use fake blood from the store, and the stuff I made was more jello-y than runny, so it kind of just dipped down to my chin and made the inside of the ‘wound’ pink. I think it looks pretty good though!


I’ll be posting a lot more special effects in the future, so keep an eye out! Make sure to comment if you try this, too:)


Thanks for reading, guys… and make sure to like this post!




My YouTube Channel

Hey movie makers and actors! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long… but I have some cool news! I’m starting a youtube channel (I’ve actually had many) for my blog! You can find it here:

Right now, I don’t have any videos uploaded. I’ve actually created a full movie makeup tutorial, and I’m uploading it tomorrow morning (long story short, we have wifi issues).

I’d appreciated if you guys went and followed me there, and you’ll be notified when I post my new video! It’s awesome! Not to brag, or anything.)

Well, see you next time, movie makers and actors!


P.S. If you remember my newest movie I’m creating, Neverland, I have an update. The boy playing Peter (my four year old brother Lucas) has agreed with(my nine year old brother) Jacob to switch places. Now Lucas will be playing a lostboy, and Jacob will be playing Peter. See ya’ next time, guys!


How to Use Problems to Your Advantage

As a movie maker, there will always be problems when I’m shooting. Whether it be the weather (pun intended) or a problem with actors, there’s always (Okay… more like almost always) a way to turn a problem into something awesome! Here are some examples:

PROBLEM: You plan to do a spring shoot, but it unexpectedly rains!

SOLUTION 1: Take the time you would be actually shooting to plan your next project, or to plan where you’ll go and what kind of clips/ photos you may want to take instead.

SOLUTION 2: Change your idea! Instead of doing a spring shoot, make a short video on how to have fun- even on a rainy day!

SOLUTION 3: Take videos from a window, or, (if your camera has a cover or an umbrella is nearby) take a video in the rain! This can be part of your spring shoot, which shows that rain is an important- and beautiful- part of spring!

PROBLEM: The actor slips in the mud!!! This was supposed to be a sad, dramatic scene! Not a comedy scene!

SOLUTION 1: Delete the video and clean yourself up. That’s boring and you’d just be erasing the problem (and a waste of time), but it works.

SOLUTION 2: Save it as a blooper!!! Bloopers are always fun! 🙂

SOLUTION 3: If it’s a dramatic scene, it doesn’t have to be funny. Take another clip, but in this one the actor is sitting where they fell, crying.

PROBLEM: Your dog chews up the headphones you were going to use for the movie (you should have kept them safer…)

SOLUTION 1: Get new headphones (BORING).

SOLUTION 2: Make the actor who was going to use them find them ruined, and get upset.

SOLUTION 3: Laugh. (I’m sorry, I had to add what I’m doing right now…)

Those are only a few examples! If you have problems that you can’t find solutions to, comment them! I guarantee I can find a solution! (99.9% ?)

See you later, movie makers an actors!

Rynn 🙂



Hey guys! I’ve been planning out a new movie for a while now, and I decided I should tell you about it! I won’t give away too much though, seeing as you can watch it when I finish. The movie, as you can see from this post’s title, is called Neverland. It’s a short movie (it’ll probably be about half an hour long, maybe forty minutes) and I actually just finished the script a few minutes ago. I’ll release a trailer as soon as I can, but I’m starting the movie when it’s warmer. In the meantime, I’ve been choosing costumes and props, writing the script, planning my location, and choosing my actors.

The movie is about how Peter came to be in Neverland, and his first adventure there. I know there are many versions of this kind of thing, but an idea sparked in my mind and I couldn’t get it out. Now, what you may have been waiting for, the cast!


Peter: Lucas Bohley

Tinkerbell: Me, Carynn Bohley!

Peter’s Mom: Carissa Bohley

Lost boy: Jacob Bohley

Lost boy 2: Benjamin Bohley

Captain Hook: William Bohley

       So yeah, it’s a family thing. My family are very supportive, and I’m so happy that they all want to be in my movie! To be honest, my Mom and Jacob don’t usually want to do this kind of think (well, Jacob does… but he’s been playing video games and not doing things with me for a while now. He’s my little brother, so he can’t hide from me long though!)

    I’m so excited to start filming Neverland! If you want to see the trailer when it comes out (and the movie after that) make sure that you follow me, so you know when I post them! Thanks for reading guys, and I hope that you have a great early 2017!

Happy movie making,

Carynn 🙂

P.s. Comment your favorite character of Peter Pan!




Christmas STUDIO???

Hey movie makers and actors! You won’t BELIEVE what I got for Christmas! I got…. drumroll please….. MY OWN MOVE STUDIO! Well, technically speaking. I got awesome movie making software (Movie Studio Suite), a green screen, and lighting!

Me in front of my movie studio.png


I’m so excited to make movies with these things, and I’m actually currently making a documentary with videos and pictures from the NY state museum. I’d love to host a movie making contest (short films, for now), and was wondering if anyone is interested. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope that you follow this blog (if you haven’t already) so you know when I have cool new posts and such! Thanks again, and Happy New Year (almost!).


P.S. I’ll post my documentary when I finish it if anyone would like to see it! If you want to do a guest post, just email me and I’ll let you know when to email the post to me (if you have a blog of course, and it fits my theme). Thanks again!


I’m Back!

Hey guys, it’s Rynn! (Carynn is my real name, if you didn’t know).

I’m back from an unexpected stop in blog posting, to tell you I will continue posting regularly on this blog! The reason I stopped is this:

I love blogging, and for a while I’ve been starting new hobbies- then stopping. I wasn’t sure which hobby was really ‘me’. I’ve loved movie making all my life, and so I made this blog last year. I thought that ‘my thing’ was science after that, and stopped. But I’ve realized two things.

1. I never stopped loving movie making- I just let other things get in my way.


So expect posts much more often, and much more awesome. Bye for now, movie makers (and movie lovers).